Our Story

When I first began to embark on this journey it was at the highest priority to bring yoga to the community in a authentic manner. I first fell in love with yoga on the Big Island Of Hawaii, where I lived for 3 years.
 I was fortunate  enough to have found a wonderful yoga community that sparked a fire in my heart for the love of yoga and taught me so much about true friendship, the cycles of life and how to navigate my own inner world without fear. I eventually began to devote my life to yoga and the path of Bhakti Yoga. During this time I discovered it was my dharma to someday share what I had experienced, along with the gift of yoga. Since I was a young child I always had this overwhelming desire to serve others, for me this is where I find so much joy. In serving others we in turn serve the greater good, the higher forces of the universe and through this service we find ourselves. I'm honored to be able to have this opportunity to create a space for others to gather,grow and transform .

Our Growth

Originally established in 2015, MonarchYoga LLC began in a tiny cozy studio with enough space for small intimate classes. We began to flourish out into our community and created our own close yoga community. Originally the studio started as a small space with a large vision for the future. Our new spacious location is to open March 2017 which will give our community the ability to fully embrace the gifts that yoga has to offer. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our students, the community and all the people who have helped to birth this wonderful space.


Our Mission & Commitment

Monarch Yoga is a conscious intimate powerful space that is dedicated to self transformation and personal growth. Yoga is medicine, not the kind you can find at the drug store but soul medicine. Yoga is sacred medicine that allows an individual to work through the chatter of the mind, learn and let go of the limitations of the body in order to dig deep enough to uncover the jewel that is the soul and to rest in the sacred knowledge of the heart, this is what yoga brings. Monarch Yoga is dedicated to help each student on this yoga journey through gently guiding self-nurturing movement that will improve strength, flexibility and balance, and connect mind, body and spirit. We aim to craft a yoga and fitness program with enough diversity in movement and intensity to meet the  needs of your body, and to support continuous integral progression.


Founder/Owner: Nina Courtney

We are a very creative team

We love what we do and you will love it too, that's a promise.


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Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits.


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